Natalia & Ryan 

are getting Married!



We first met in September 2011 at John Leggott College whilst studying graphic design. This is the only photo we have together from back then! 


Over the 5 years, we'd kept in touch from time to time and finally arranged to go to an art event together. That's when we fell in looove...


We visited Gdansk in February and then decided to move to Poland together in June!


We got engaged in Slovenia, on top of a waterfall!





Saturday, 8th August  2020
Wedding Ceremony: 16:00
Wedding Reception: 17:00


Matki Bożej Królowej Korony Polskiej
Lesna 5/6, 80-300, Oliwa,
Gdansk, Poland  View Map
Can you make it?

Getting  there


As we’ve lived together for a year or two,
We really don’t need anything new.
But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,
Some money for our future wouldn’t go amiss.

Especially since you're all coming from out of town,

We don't want you to have to choose between packing our present or your dressing-gown.

We can't guarantee what we'll put it to, 

However when we decide we'll be sure to tell you!


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